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Provides short-term support for the GI and immune systems

Spore-forming bacilli, often referred to as soil-based microorganisms, have long been thought to be transient bacteria in the human gastrointestinal (GI) tract. However, current research shows that Bacillus species are present in the GI tract in numbers higher than can be explained by ingestion alone. Germination of Bacillus spores within the human small intestine and transient colonization is now thought to be part of the normal life cycle of human-associated Bacillus species, providing specific stimuli for healthy GI and immune system development and function.

* Bio Spore contains 2 beneficial Bacillus species suitable for short-term ingestion.

  • Bacillus coagulans produces lactic acid and short chain fatty acids nutritive to the colonic mucosa, promotes defenses against unfavorable bacteria, supports Th1 and Th2 immune responses, and promotes production of signaling compounds that support a healthy inflammatory response.*
  • B. subtilis produces Nattokinase enzyme as well as bacteriocins that support healthy microbial balance in the gut.*

 Independently tested for genetic identity, potency, and purity

Bacillus species are often used in over the counter probiotic products as they are hardy organisms that do not require refrigeration. However, commercial sources have long suffered from misclassification, allergen content, and even contamination with Bacillus spores with potential gastrointestinal toxicity. To overcome these safety concerns, each lot of Bacillus species used in Bio Spore undergoes independent DNA testing using 16S ribosomal RNA sequencing to verify genetic identity. Independent tests on every batch also certify that BioSpore delivers its labeled potency and is free of milk allergen.

Resistant to extremes of heat, gastric acid, and enzymes

  • Bacillus probiotic spores are resistant to heat and ambient humidity.
  • No refrigeration is required.
  • The spores are also resistant to ultraviolet radiation, solvents, hydrogen peroxide, and enzymes.
  • The spores withstand stomach acid and germinate in the small intestine within 6 hours of ingestion.
  • Ingested B. coagulans and B. subtilis reside in the human GI tract for up to 7 days following consumption.


BioSpore - Adaptogen Research

Bio Spore is a powerful blend of genetically certified Bacillus coagulans and B.subtilis species.* Bacillus species form endospores that protect the organisms from adverse environmental conditions, including extremes of heat, gastric acid, and digestive enzymes.

Bio Spore

Made with non-GMO ingredients.
Manufactured in a GMP Registered Facility in the USA

  • Product Size: 120 vegetarian capsules
  • Servings Per Container: 120

Free of the following common allergens:- 

  • Dairy 
  • Gluten 
  • Soybeans

Contains no Artificial Colors, Flavors, or Preservatives.