Max Probiotic 6B -DF  

Cranberry Jucie Powder & D-Mannose

A unique blend of  4 probiotics and a strength of 6 Billion, with cranberry and D-Mannose to allow proper absorption of nutrients. Max Probiatics 6B - DF Women's Formula supplement may help to regulate:- 

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Max Probiotic 6B - DF Women's Formula Designed Release Veggie Capsules
Probiotics need time to work. The innovative benefit of the designed release veggie capsule helps protect probiotics from stomach acid, safely delivering them to the intestines for maximum product benefit, and significantly reduces the opportunity for nutritional degradation compared with standard immediate release capsules. Key study results displayed the disintegration of the designed release veggie capsule starting approximately 45 minutes later than a typical immediate release capsule of about 5 minutes. Max Probiotic 6B capsulated products are produced with a designed release veggie capsule.

Double Benefit of Max Probiotic 6B - DF Women's Formula
Our unique prebiotic combination of Sunfiber® & FOS enhances probiotic efficacy.** Prebiotics are non-digestible carbohydrates that act as food for probiotics. Probiotics are manufactured in a freeze dried state. In other words the cells are sleeping. And despite all the efforts used to keep them in this dormant state, even the slightest exposure to light, heat, moisture or air can cause some of these cells to wake. When they wake up they’re hungry and need food, and without a food source they will die. This is why prebiotics need to be present…to provide food so the live cultures can stay alive. It’s extra insurance that every good probiotic supplement should have available.

Women's Formula

Made with non-GMO ingredients.

Manufactured in a cGMP Registered Facility in the USA

  • Product Size: 60 vegetarian capsules
  • Servings Per Container: 60

Active Packaging Technology
Probiotics are sensitive to moisture and oxygen. Our moisture controlling bottle and oxygen removal system delivers additional product stability to our packaged probiotics. The uniquely engineered Activ-Polymer™ bottle features an impenetrable desiccant sleeve - surrounding the probiotics so they stay virtually moisture free. To further extend shelf life, every Max Probiotic 50B bottle contains an Oxyfree® desiccant. With this single oxygen destroying packet, residual moisture inside the bottle is absorbed, bringing oxygen levels in the bottle to 0.01% during the intended shelf life. 

Max Probiotic 6B  Women's Formula  Dairy Free  with cranberry and D-Mannose - Acid and Bile Resistant Strains - Kosher Certified

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Other Ingredients on the Label
Reading labels is an important part of determining the level of quality in any given consumable product on the market. Labels are also an important source for identifying unwanted or “no-value” added fillers.

To maintain premium quality standards, all Max Probiotic 6B - DF Women's Formula products are Free of:-

  • Magnesium stearate 
  • Dairy Free
  • Wheat  
  • Eggs  
  • Yeast  
  • Animal derivatives  
  • Artificial flavors 
  • Preservatives
  • PH and Control Vaginal Flora
  • Boost Immunity
  • Optimize Urinary Health
  • D-mannose  ( a kind of sugar that is related to glucose) D-mannose is used for preventing urinary tract infections (UTIs) and treating carbohydrate-deficient glycoprotein syndrome, an inherited metabolic disorder.

D-mannose might treat the deficiency caused by a genetic defect that causes abnormal breakdown and production of mannose.

D-mannose might prevent certain kinds of bacteria from sticking to the walls of the urinary tract and causing infection (UTIs).

Preventing and treating urinary tract infections (UTIs). 
Early research shows that taking d-mannose for 13 days might reduce symptoms of UTIs, such as:-

  • Burning 
  • Increased Urination 

Also, taking D-mannose powder for 6 months after a UTI might prevent UTIs from occurring again.

The vegan capsules are acid-resistant for better digestion, and the delayed-release design helps probiotics make it all the way through the body. Also, The unique and patented stabilization technology has been applied across the probiotic range, allowing Max Probiotic 6B to offer the most stable overall probiotics in the industry and help meet the ultimate goal of delivering the intended health benefit to the consumer.**