Magnesium Buffered Chelate helps support

  • Energy production
  • Metabolism
  • Bone health
  • Muscle function
  • Relaxation
  • Neurological health
  • Normal blood sugar levels
  • Kidney health
  • Heart health
  • Blood vessel function
  • Product Size: 120 vegetarian capsules
  • Servings Per Container: 60
Adaptogen Research, Magnesium Buffered Chelate

Magnesium Buffered Chelate is one of the best absorbed forms of magnesium. Each capsule provides 150 mg of elemental magnesium. This product should not cause any of the unfavorable gastrointestinal symptoms associated with magnesium supplementation due to the very stable chelate formed between two glycine molecules and each magnesium ion (via a patented process), forming a very stable chelate, which eliminates the traditional loose stools or upset stomach that may occur with magnesium supplementation.

  • Product Size: 240 vegetarian capsules
  • Servings Per Container: 120

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 Mineral chelates can bypass normal modes of absorption in the intestine and therefore, avoid the competition that occurs between minerals for absorption. In this way, larger amounts of magnesium pass through the intestine and are available to the body. The unique process of “sandwiching” magnesium between the glycine molecules also protects it from being bound by dietary compounds, further enhancing its availability.

Benefits of Magnesium

  • Bone Health – Magnesium partners with calcium in maintaining bone health. Many individuals supplement calcium without adequate magnesium, leading to ineffective support for bone health.

  • Digestion & Elimination – Individuals with low stomach acid or less-than-optimal digestion often lack adequate magnesium since absorption is compromised. Magnesium chelates help to restore healthy magnesium balance when digestion is not efficient. It also promotes a healthy elimination pattern.
  • Cardiovascular Health – Magnesium helps support muscle relaxation and function, which is vital to cardiovascular health since the heart is a muscular organ. Magnesium is also an important cofactor in several enzymes that support blood vessel function and heart health.
  • Relaxation & Sleep – As magnesium helps muscles to relax, it can enhance relaxation, promote a sense of calm, and support normal sleep patterns.
  • Blood Sugar Health – Magnesium is an important mineral in assisting the cells in absorbing glucose from the blood and therefore, supports a normal blood sugar level.
  • Kidney Health – As magnesium balances calcium in the body, it supports healthy kidneys and assists in preventing unnatural accumulations of calcium in this organ.
  • Product Size: 5 grams ( approximately One spoon ) 
  • Servings Per Container: 30

​Magnesium Buffered Chelate 

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