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Adaptogen Research, Ultra Vitamin C 1000 mg

Ultra Vitamin C

Ultra Vitamin C 1000, also known as ascorbic acid, is an important nutrient and antioxidant that plays a key role in many functions throughout the body.  Vitamin C tablets contain 1,000 mg (1 gram) of pure, crystalline ascorbic acid, free of corn antigen.  A watersoluble plant cellulose tablet coating protects vitamin C from oxidation and helps ensure rapid tablet disintegration.  Vitamin C is water-soluble and must be replenished every day. Broccoli, red peppers, berries, melons, currants, Brussels sprouts, parsley, potatoes, tomatoes, citrus fruit, and strawberries are good sources of vitamin C.

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1000 mg 

Made with non-GMO ingredients.
Manufactured in a GMP Registered Facility in the USA

  • Product Size: 100 Tablet
  • Servings Per Container: 100 
  • Suggested Use: 1 tablet daily with food. 

Benefits of Vitamin C :

  •  Cellular damage
  1. Antioxidant Actions: As a powerful antioxidant, vitamin C protects body cells and LDL cholesterol against damage by oxygen. Oxidized LDL is a harmful form that can contribute to damage to cardiovascular tissues.
  2. Vitamin C is also needed to recycle vitamin E in the body.

  •  Stimulates production of collagen important for healthy skin and joints & aids iron absorption
  1. Collagen Support: Vitamin C is needed to form collagen, thus is crucial for strength of body tissues such as muscles, bones, tendons, joints and blood vessels, and gums.
  2. Vitamin C also plays an important role in wound healing.

  •   Supports heart and immune system function
  • Immune Function: Vitamin C stimulates the immune system by increasing interferon levels and enhancing the activity of certain immune cells.

This product is Free of the following common allergens:

  • Milk/Casein
  • Eggs
  • fish 
  • Shellfish
  • Tree nuts 
  • Peanuts 
  • Wheat/Gluten
  • Yeast
  • Soybeans 
  • No artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.

Individual need for extra vitamin C is quite variable and these 1 gram (1,000 mg) tablets supply pure, crystalline L-ascorbic acid, free of corn antigen, in a convenient and affordable form. A quick-dissolving, water-soluble plant cellulose coating protects vitamin C from oxidation and allows for rapid tablet disintegration.