Tru Paleo is a nutrient-dense meal supplement with complete protein, healthy fats, a very low glycemic impact, and nutrients predominantly in their bioidentical forms. It features HydroBEEF™, a highly concentrated pure bone broth protein isolate sourced from animals raised in Sweden without hormones, and fed a diet entirely free of GMO grains, grasses, hay, and/or ensilage.

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The protein is produced through an exclusive hydrolysis and ultra-filtration process that enables the protein to be hydrolyzed or ‘split’ into a high concentration of functional peptides. Delivering protein in the form of peptides allows for easier absorption and assimilation. 

Tru Paleo is the perfect choice to complement any meal that may be lacking in calories and nutrients, or as a quick, convenient, nutrient-dense snack. It is available in chocolate and vanilla flavors, and is sweetened with stevia leaf extract. 

Adaptogen Research, TRU Paleo

Tru Paleo is:-

  • A low-calorie 
  • High-protein
  • High-fiber
  • Nutrient-dense meal supplement 

Tru Paleo May be Beneficial for:-

  • Weight management 
  • Healthy blood sugar 
  • Sustained satiety 
  • Weight training & muscle building  


  • HydroBEEF™ beef protein 
  1. Contains a high content of collagen-specific amino acids
  2. Proline and glycine, which may be of particular benefit to athletes 
  3. Aging individuals, and others who experience wear and tear on joints, ligaments, and connective tissue 

  • Low-carb
  1. Only 10g of carbohydrate per serving, with 6-7g as fiber (in vanilla and chocolate, respectively) for 3-4g net carbs 

  • Free of sucrose, fructose, and artificial sweeteners
  1. Sweetened with stevia extract 

  • Healthy fats from medium chain triglycerides sourced from:- 
  1. Coconut
  2. Palm oils 

  • Water-soluble fiber from glucomannan, a polysaccharide from the konjac plant 
  • Nutrients in highly bioavailable and bioactive forms

Meal Supplements

Made with non-GMO ingredients.
Manufactured in a GMP Registered Facility in the USA

  • Product Size: 480 G (1.1 LBS)
  • Servings Per Container: 15

Tru Paleo

  • Product Size: 510 G (1.1 LBS)
  • Servings Per Container: 15